Why is Digital Marketing taking over Analogue Marketing?

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Digital Marketing taking over Analogue Marketing in Bangladesh.

If you want to do business in Bangladesh in the coming years you have to learn Digital Marketing. Traditional Marketing techniques of running a business are fast disappearing. Alternatively the internet-savvy consumers want everything online – from promoting a product or service to delivering it. Incidentally, all these can now be done online in Bangladesh.

Digital Marketer in bangladeshsayudur rahman

Having an online Facebook page or Youtube Channel is not enough. Anyone who wants to succeed in online exchange of commodities and ideas has to learn Digital Marketing. Most

importantly, it is a great way to generate revenue and sales by increasing website traffic. For example, entrepreneurs who run small businesses need to learn about digital marketing to

target specific audience. They have to get knowledge about

running a targeted ad campaign. The course of Digital Marketing is designed to make someone equipped with strategies to work in an online marketplace.

In the global market, tech-based jobs are in high demand. In this case, Digital Marketing is the field that the young people of Bangladesh can explore. With the advent of technology, new opportunities are opening up for the youth to prove their skills.

In Dhaka, many different training institutions, like Coders Trust, BASIS, BiTM, Shikhbe Shobai, Digital IT Bangla, etc. are providing training on web design, web development, digital marketing and graphic design. The young people who receive training in them are hired by multinational companies. In many cases they work as freelancers.

In the recent past, the market of freelancers was dominated by India, the Philippines and Pakistan. However, now the shift is moving towards Bangladesh. This is the time for Bangladesh to grab these opportunities and establish her position strongly.

Here is a report which has been published in the Prothom Alo recently: SCIKE, a centre which looks after workers’ interest, conducted a survey titled ‘The 2020 Talent Technology Outlook’.

The researchers have opined that various organizations will appoint more contractual and gig-based workers instead of highly paid incumbents. 54% of the CEO’s who participated in the survey feel that they will use crowd resource in their business in the next two years. It means that they will employ a good number of freelancers during that period.

About radio and television another view is circulating in the media that they are fast losing their appeal. Most of the TV channels have their online pages now to attract their audience. Newspapers have opened their online portals. New job sectors like social media manager, data scientist, etc. are being created. Besides, there is a huge demand for app and software developers as well. So the field of Digital Marketing is full of prospects.

Digital Marketing Strategies

There are some common strategies being followed by every company. From digital marketing perspective, every online act adds value to your business. Sayudur Rahman who works in Coders Trust as a trainer on Digital Marketing has been very successful in grooming young people in digital marketing strategies. Having completed training under him, a lot of people have entered the digital job market and earned success . While doing his course I have learnt these strategies that I am going to share with you.


Youtube MarketingYoutube Marketing

More and more people are switching from writing long content to making short videos lasting for a few minutes. Videos improve conversion rates and creates brand awareness. A particular in-depth How-to video can pursue the target audience why the shown products are best choice.

The first step in the staircase is to create content that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. You should focus on a particular niches. Niches is an area, like travel, food or music. Consider who your audience is and your purpose of making the videos. While making videos, you have to be aware of certain issues that are sensitive to the time of the year and economy.

Effective use of keywords and tags will make the search process easy. It will help people to find your channel. Besides, have a clear and eye-catching description to grab the attention of the audience. The quality of the video will also determine the ads you will be getting on your channel. Using the right kind of instruments can enhance the quality of the videos. Always check the quality of both the audio and the video before you make the final video viral. Length of the video is also an important factor. Keeping a proper uploading schedule is recommended. As a digital marketer you will learn how practically you can develop these strategies. Moreover, the process of creating your own channel with monetization can be learnt by doing a course on digital marketing.

Facebook Marketing:

Digital Marketer in bangladeshsayudur rahman Now a large number of people are using Facebook for their business. A well known digital intelligence company Bandwatch based in England has collected the data that 60 million pages on Facebook are doing businesses. Bangladesh is also marching forward in this regard. Geeky Social, a digital intelligence company, has said that at present around 100,000 to 300,000 business establishments are on facebook.



Facebook has given new entrepreneurs a platform to show their talent. Training on digital marketing can help new marketers to learn about the basic from page creation to run an ad campaign to get the desired audience. Facebook marketing strategies can create brand awareness. It is a very cost effective way to reach thousands of audience at a time. You can generate leads by doing surveys and learn about their needs and interests. The analogue marketing tools did not provide this opportunity to understand their clients better. If you know the characteristics of your audience you can retarget them again and again to buy your product and service. All the social media comment, share and like options give you the opportunity to nurture this relationship. Your business will be more sustainable by using Facebook effectively.

Social Media Marketing:Digital Marketer in bangladeshsayudur rahman

Many of the audience you might not reach by email. Nevertheless they can be reached by Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. You should take advantage of these platforms to do promotion. It creates visibility. Moreover, you can easily collect reviews and experiences of the clients. Moreover, it is easier to share with friends and family through social media platforms.


One of the key advantages of using the online platforms is the scope for monitoring. In analogue media, it was not possible to monitor your audience. However in Digital Media platforms you can always view your page and channel insights to learn about your performance.. Moreover as a businessman or an entrepreneur the knowledge of digital marketing will help you understand your competitors’ position in the market.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing This is the most common strategy. People search for products and services online with keywords and phrases. A list of websites always shows up on your homepage. Some of them which are popular come up before than others. Google ranks the pages based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

By means of SEO, the increase of traffic is easy because, in most cases, every user begins his search for a new product or service with a search engine. SEO will bring your website on the first page of the search results. To earn revenue, you need to have solid SEO. Another category is where you pay

money to Google to show your website on top it is called paid search advertising.

Content Marketing:Content Marketing

To run your website contents like engaging and interesting video and audio clips or articles, blog posts, infographs, the options are limitless. However, consider the quality and target audience for the content. The content should be beneficial to the readers or viewers. Having a call to action is a plus. With each share, like comment and view, you earn more.

Voice Search Optimization:

Voice Search Optimization Siri is someone who can solve your problems when you ask her. How does she carry out this operation? She actually replies with the featured snippet. The objective of Voice Search Optimization is to get the featured snippet for keywords relevant to your target audience and business. When you try to reach that position of featured snippet, your visibility automatically increases.

Email Marketing:Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that persuades people to make repeat purchases. You can segment your audience and send them personalized emails of services and products. It is cost-effective. Moreover, Email Marketing is easy to track and measure through Analytics. In Bangladesh Email Marketing is not very popular. Instead mobile marketing is being carried out by shops and organizations.

Mobile Marketing:

Digital Marketer in bangladeshsayudur rahman In 2020 we see more and more people are using Smartphone. Companies are using this opportunity to inform their customers about products and services through sms and mms.


This type of marketing is popular in Bangladesh because it is cheap. Companies inform about any sale, offer or discount easily. During events they send greetings. Moreover, the use of mobile phone in this case is user-friendly and more accessible. Even the Bangladesh government spends more money on online and mobile campaign than on analogue mediums.

The winds of change has touched Bangladesh as more and more people are running businesses online rather than following the analogue modes. Digital marketing is taking over the analogue marketing space very rapidly. Hence, to stay in the market you must learn Digital Marketing.