Niche Research| What is Niche :

Niche means to choose a sector or specific topic  from a large segment / platform.

Imagine selecting a specific product, such as dry food, from a vast superstore; this is what we call a “niche” a specialized segment of a broader industry.

In a line, A segment or a smaller part of an industry.

 Electronics ( Industry )

Computer ( Broad Niche )

Laptop ( layer 1 )

-Mac ( Layer Two )
-Mac air 2015 ( ( Narrow Niche )
-Mac pro
-Sony Vaio


When you see aforementioned list, You already read some words like – 

Broad Niche:

It means a wide range of the particular category or topic from an industry. 
Technology is an example of Broad niche. 

Narrow Niche: 

It focuses on a very specific subcategory or topic from the broad niche. 

✐ An Example – Tech news
From the broad niche technology.

Before Proceeding for selecting niche let me connect something first – 
If you make a plan before doing anything it means your task is 50% done.
So accordingly, 

Niches Research with dedails.

How to Start Niche Research : 

We are here to make a plan just before researching niche- 

Plan / Purpose:

What do you actually want to do with the niche ?? Select an option 

#  Affiliate Marketing
#  Adsense

I assume you know about affiliate marketing and adsense.

Nevertheless I brief here, 

Affiliate Marketing: is to sell products or services from third parties only to make commission. 
Adsense : This is a way for earning money from google by showing their ads as a publisher on your website or apps.
Suppose you have a website and google shows there ads got from advertisers thus you can make money. 

Strength & Weakness:

For doing affiliate and adsense you have to have some skill set.
Like –

1. Content Marketing & Article Writing ,
2. SEO , 
3. SMM, 
4. Traffic Generation, 
5. EMail Marketing, 
6. Basic Design. 
7. Google ads.

Among them, what you already know is your strength and what you do not know yet develop and put the skill in your strength skill basket. 
This tracking way can compel you to develop particular skills. 

Targeted Country:

Very important selection part is to fix your target country. Because how your marketing strategy will be depends on the targeted country. We prefer out of Asia rather than asia. Maybe your plan is to do adsense. But if you want to k-i-l-l two birds with one stone then you must have to target out of asia. 



Though this is the very first step to consider for selecting a niche.
Yes I am talking about “ Passion or Interest” on a particular topic or subtopic to commence your affiliate marketing or niche.


To Finalize your ultimate niche must check and verify potentiality for what you may have to read more articles from forbes.


You are reading this article for opening an earning source right ?
Yes , You do.

So it means most things we do for profit. 
Selecting a profitable niche also can lead you for long to work with this niche. 
If adsense uses an adsense website and can verify the niche profit. 

Niche research adsense


If Affiliate Marketing see the commission rate from the amazon commission rate link attached with screenshot.

amazon commission rate


If Saas
See the envato commission rate. 

Envato commission


Niches for Affiliation | Niche Research:

1. Fashion

Monthly global Google search volume – 1,600,000
Top countries – India, United States, Romania, Indonesia, United Kingdom
Traffic potential – 3,500,000
Clicks – 129,000

2. Travel

Monthly global Google search volume – 867,000
Top countries – United States, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Philippines
Traffic potential – 33,000
Clicks – 147,000

3. Technology

Monthly global Google search volume – 745,000
Top countries – India, United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, South Africa
Traffic potential – 3,800
Clicks – 93,000

4. Education

Monthly global Google search volume – 1,400,000
Top countries – India, United States, Philippines
Traffic potential – 112,000
Clicks – 38,000

5. Gaming

Monthly global Google search volume – 632,000
Top countries – United States, India, Germany, United Kingdom, France
Traffic potential – 9.500
Clicks – 51,000

6. Home Decor

Monthly global Google search volume – 439,000
Top countries – United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Traffic potential – 57,000
Clicks – 173,000

7. Health and Wellness

Monthly global Google search volume – 767,000 (“health”), 502,000 (“wellness”)
Top countries – India, United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic
Traffic potential – 18,000 (“health”), 5,300 (“wellness”)
Clicks – 74,000 (“health”), 31,000 (“wellness”)

8. Finance

Monthly global Google search volume – 1,200,000
Top countries – South Korea, India, Canada, United States, Vietnam
Traffic potential – 6,500,000
Clicks – 35,000

9. Food

Monthly global Google search volume – 22,000,000
Top countries – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India
Traffic potential – 6,500,000
Clicks – 5,000,000

10. Gardening

Monthly global Google search volume – 266,000
Top countries – United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Philippines
Traffic potential – 3,400
Clicks – 44,000

11. Beauty and Cosmetics

Monthly global Google search volume – 841,000 (“beauty”), 172,000 (“cosmetics”)
Top countries – United States, India, Turkey, Philippines, United Kingdom
Traffic potential – 400 (“beauty”), 569,000 (“cosmetics”)
•Clicks – 105,000 (“beauty”), 19,000 (“cosmetics”

12. Art

Monthly global Google search volume – 1,600,000
Top countries – United States, India, United Kingdom, Philippines, Brazil
Traffic potential – 183,000
Clicks – 145,000

13. Pets

Monthly global Google search volume – 724,000
Top countries – United States, Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico
Traffic potential – 2,600,000
Clicks – 37,000

14. Sports

Monthly global Google search volume – 2,600,000
Top countries – Brazil, Slovakia, France, United Kingdom, Romania
Traffic potential – 2,100
Clicks – 52,000

15. Luxury

Monthly global Google search volume – 352,000
Top countries – United States, India, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Japan
Traffic potential – 1,100
Clicks – 15,000

Types of Niches | Niche Research :

Evergreen Niches:

Health and Wellness.
Personal Finance.
Career Development.

Trendy Niches:

Digital Marketing.
Crypto and NFTs.
Eco-Friendly Products.

Seasonal Niches:

Events and Festivals.

Niche Research – Steps:

## Step – 1 Get a list from this article | Niche Research :

You have been reading this article  and found a list aforementioned. Pick a niche first.

## Step – 2  Passion or interest | Niche Research :

Match the niche whether the niche as per your passion and interest or not. 

## Step – 3  Your expertise | Niche Research :

 For sustainable business your expertise can be an asylum.
In what field you are expertise prior to the niche accordingly. 

## Step – 4 Market research | Niche Research :

Demand and competitor
A common formula – more demand more traffic and less demand less traffic . 
Now matter how tactfully you tend to lead your marketing activity with diversified action of content marketing or else. 

## Step – 5 Competitor analysis | Niche Research :

Search on google and see the result and you can use SEMRush to analyze the competitor. 

## Step – 6 Trend Check | Niche Research :

To verify the previous status and see what trends are going on . You can use google trend, which is really a very effective tool for digital marketing. 

## Step – 5  Buyer persona | Niche Research :

 Targeting your right audiences means your win is ensured whether it takes time or fast. 
As per niche make a prominent buyer person to whom you want to reach for affiliation or adsense.
This will help you a lot when you try to make a marketing plan and calendar.

## Step – 6  Profit analysis | Niche Research :

 Since I have written a lot on profitability so request to select a niche which is profitable.

## Step – 7  Finalize the Niche and make a promotional calendar | Niche Research :

 After validation of the niche.

Now take a long breath and drink a glass of pure water or take a coffee.

Now again I have a seat for making a content plan and calendar.

In another blog I will discuss how to make a content and calendar. 

It’s high time to research a domain as per niche. See the blog how to select a domain for affiliate and adsense 2024.