What is Domain Name:

Domain Name is a unique identifier for searching from a web browser. Like sayudurrahman.com

What is domain extension:

Domain extension is a suffix at the end of the domain name. To make a complete website with domain name , domain extension is also needed. 
Sayudurrahman.com is a website 
Sayudurrahman is domain name 
.com is the extension 
Domain extension is several types – I mention mostly famous are below- 

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs):

These are the most common TLDs and are not restricted to any specific entity or country. Examples include:
.com (commercial)
.org (organization)
.net (network)

Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs): 

These are specific to individual countries or territories and often indicate the geographical location of the website. Examples include:
.uk (United Kingdom)
.de (Germany)
.bd ( Bangladesh ) 

Sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs): 

These are specialized TLDs sponsored by specific organizations or intended for specific communities. Examples include:
.edu (educational institutions)
.gov (government entities)
.mil (military)

Why domain need for affiliate marketing  : 

Firstly let me vignette the affiliate marketing 
Sell third party products through online or anyway for CPS – Commission per sale without being the owner is known as affiliate marketing.

Say, you pick a product from amazon marketplace and you are doing digital marketing for selling the product and after selling the product through promoting the affiliate link you get a commission is also known as affiliate marketing. 

When you feel like doing affiliate marketing drastically you must have a website because you can not promote the direct affiliate link nor get rank from google for organic numerous traffic. 

For website or landing you have to have a domain name. If a marketer can choose a  precise domain surely they will get extra advantage for selecting the user and SEO friendly domain. So thus read between the lines the importance of choosing a precise domain name.  

Why domain need for adsense:

Choosing a domain for affiliate marketing is okay but choosing a precise domain for adsense is part and parcel because you have to approve a website for adsense by having a website. 

What is niche:

Niche is nothing but a subset of an industry selected for domain affiliate marketing or adsense from the perspective of Digital Marketing. 
For an instance –
Electronics is an industry where computers are a subset of the industry.
So computers are a broad niche where Lenovo E450 is a very narrow niche but during selection a niche leaves minimum two layers like if you select a specific model you will be stacked.

Why domain should be as per niche : 

If a domain looks relevant as per niche I mean if a visitor can understand your niche or motive or website content by seeing the domain name this is really a good advantage.
What about Google algorithm ??  After the EMD algorithm update in 2022 choosing a domain as per keyword advantage vanished but do not be hopeless considering everything still you are able to get a bit advantage from ranking. 

“Digital marketer in bangladesh” is a keyword if the domain is made as like www.digitalmarketerinbangladesh.com the domain got advantage from a ranking factor named Exact match domain. But now it is just considered user friendly. 

Brainstorm for some possible domain name : 

Okay, already you have selected a niche now time to select a domain right?
Let’s do it.
Firstly by brainstorming let’s pick some domain when my niche is computer.
From my brainstorming –
I am going to check these domains in bluehost for availability.
And I found the domain was not available from bluehost domain checker.

Ask Any GPT:

For more suggestive domains you can ask GPT

And I found a short domain list from C H A T G-P-T

Keyword research FOR choosing domain : 

as per niche research some keywords firstly that will be used commonly for your niche. As per the keyword you can diversify the domain name.

Best computer.

Characteristics of SEO and user friendly domain:

❇️ As per niche or niche keyword
❇️ Easy to pronounce
❇️ Easy to memorize
❇️ English formal not slang 
❇️ No hyphen
❇️ No dot
❇️ No subdomain
❇️ No Digit
❇️ Social handle availability 
❇️❇️  Etc

Where can we get domain name suggestion as per niche:

If you log in these websites and type your keyword or niche , you will get a bunch of keywords from these websites’ sources.









What is the expired domain ?

An expired domain is a domain name that was not renewed by its previous owner and has consequently become available for registration by someone else. When a domain registration expires, the owner loses the rights to use that domain, and it enters a period known as the “grace period” during which the owner can renew it. If the domain is not renewed within this grace period, it typically becomes available for registration by the general public.

Google algorithm for selecting expired domain : 

After Google’s update addressing “Expired Domain Abuse,” marketers are now wary of suggesting or using expired domains. This concern arises from the risk of penalties if the domain is repurposed for a different niche than its previous use.

Domain detail check : 

Anyone can check a domain details from whois.


Domain Availability Check: 

After selecting and collecting domain now its high time to check its availability from namecheap.com

Domain Name
Google etc. 

Validate and finalize : 

If the domain meets the requirement from aforementioned it can be considered the final domain for affiliate or adsense. 
Note that, If you are still confused about the demand prophecy or the domain you can do an experiment with few contents for 2 ⁄ 3 months. 

Do not forget to follow domain patent or restrict  name for selecting domain as refer any famous company name like facebook or google.