Top 300 SEO Glossary and Marketing terms 2021 part-2

Glossary and Marketing terms

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SEO Glossary and Marketing terms


The sticker at the exterior of a tab for a website is called Favicon.

Featured Snippet:

Often pertained to as role 0, featured snippet is such kinds of characteristics of Google’s search engine outcomes that convey input from a website onto the findings page.

Fetch As Google:

An equipment within Google Search Console, we can order Google to trudge a URL.

Florida Update:

The initial enormous update Google published that it disputing spam and associate websites.

Follow links:

This occurs do-follow connections that we barely believed to remark here also.


An information website of the council can exist about chain capacity.

Fred update:

Focus on improving stoner knowledge this could influence websites with unnecessary pop-ups and confusing volume.


it means how fresh or current volume has arisen circulated. Communication areas perform adequately.


File Transfer Protocol stands utilized to organize a website’s catalogs and improve environments.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms



This occurs by targeting a stoner or content established in a direction.


To arise extra-local, some SEO’s geotag images in certain areas, providing impressions of regional coordinates that can assist in correlating an appearance with a setting.

Google Analytics:

A web appliance for chasing and regulating website method and following how stoners interact with our website.

Google Bowling:

An adverse SEO scheme, this lives an assault on additional websites SEO rankings through averages of giving them a liability.

Google Dance:

The transition in website hierarchy degrees can prevail characterized as a dance after an algorithm update.

Google Disavow Tool:

The disavow equipment stands borrowed to curtail connections from our website.

Google Display Network (GDN):

It occurs as an AdWords alternative to operating graphic symbol ads.

Google Keyword Planner:

Foundation in Google Ads, this method is utilized to excavate keywords and inquiry for applicable phrases to contain in our SEO subject.

Google Maps:

Integrated into Google Search as the Map Pack, our GMB listing is illustrated here.

Google My Business (GMB):

A website that admits us to establish a company documenting which will, in roll, be documented on the search engine findings page.


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SEO Glossary and Marketing terms

Google Plus:

A terminated social network that may yet exist pertained to.

Google Trends:

Web equipment that carries data on search inquiries and enables us to comprehend the user’s inquiry.

Google Search Console:

Another one of Google’s available appliances, GSC allows managing our website on Google.

Google Stack:

SEO scheme utilized to conduct connection sap to a website.

Google Webmaster Guidelines:

Google’s information to the webmaster, that they index web pages and we can survive a decent webmaster.

Grey Hat SEO:

Rights between black and white, we retain a grey hat. A combination of both promising methods SEO and barely shading procedures as good.

Guest Posting:

Some webmasters will authorize us to publish a volume on their website if we write extraordinary content for them.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms




Hashtags exist across the internet to index keywords to provide content extra significance in search.

Heading Tags:

Heading captions associate with on-page SEO and prevail heading on the web page.


Visual articulation of where the vast mouse communes occur on a web page.


A strike exists beginner to website.


This is our domain name without a pellet of the future. This is our primary page.


Hypertext Markup Language is a type of code. Every web page operates on HTML.


This exists a portion of manuscript in our address bar, usually HTTP, HTTPS implies that it stands safe and stable.

Hummingbird Update:

This occurs an update to support Google comprehend the semantic of phrases and how they associate with the primary keywords.

Hreflang Tags:

Portion of the HTML protocol of our site, this caption assumes our site’s language and geographic targets.


it is simply a connection.



Image Carousels:

Image sliders that fluctuate between pictures automatically.


These prevail stoners that glimpse our web page on the search engine findings page.


SEO is inbound commerce that it brings business to primary reach immerse.


Website that occurs a cataloged acknowledgment and attended to search engines.


A person who retains an amassing set of followership and can exploit their followers.

Informational Searches:

The originated purpose of the searcher stands to discover specific data considering a topic.

Internal Links:

connection on our website that may associate to different pages within our website or superficial resources.

IP Address:

This occurs in the server direction of our website on the internet.




Keyword Density:

The proportion in which the keyword is referred to the web page.

Keyword Research:

Research into keywords that stand for scanned and take off and credit for. This exists the procedure of utilizing web appliances to discover fresh keywords.

Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is positioning our keyword throughout our content bunches of periods to the juncture where it negatively influences stoner knowledge.

Keyword Mapping:

Once we retain keyword research, we can proceed with mapping keywords to a web page.


Keywords occur as inquiry periods and endeavors that, when taking a sort on a search engine like Google, they categorize for.

Knowledge Graph:

The knowledge council happens sometimes on enlightening searches where Google can counter the Suspicion on the SERP rather than knowing to take off to a website.




Landing Page:

The landing page occurs on the web page that a stoner reaches when they click on a search find.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI):

These words benefit Google comprehend what our subject is around and illustrate the valid significance of volume.

Lead Generation:

Any subject that can occur a rightful company inquiry and generate company.

Link Bait:

Creating shareable subjects that beginners will expect to correlate to and stake with others.

Link Building:

Getting backlinks through outcomes and establishing them ourselves, spamming, or differently.

Link Checker:

Yoke checkers estimate a webpage for damaged hyperlinks to usually promote the broken connections.

Link Decay:

The impression that bonds will misplace SEO significance over the period.

Link Equity:

This prevails the council upheld on when a connection is provided to our website, it seems do-follow link.

Link Exchange:

We can auction backlinks without expending implying if they backlink to us then we retain backlinks to them.

Link Farm:

A link plantation is a group of websites that is manipulated to interlinked with each other and additional websites for the practice of expanding search hierarchies.

Link Prospecting:

The procedure of discovering a probable website that would associate with our subject.

Load Speed:

The period it carries for a web page to pack. This can be computed on Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Local Pack:

The provincial stack prevails a Google SERP component that exhibits when we may be scanning for a provincial company.

Long Tail:

Long-tail keywords are lengthier keywords than short-tail keywords. This exists a procedure of revealing low tournament keywords with extended inquiry periods as rarer species search certain prone.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms



Manual Action:

It is more significant than the natural liability, a Google breadwinner has examined our website and concluded that it is not right for their inventory for that given rise to us conscious of our website.

Match Types:

It is used in Google AdWords. The match species can enclose keywords. We can remember relatively large or limited keywords relying on our match types.

Medic Update:

This update generally refers to artificial medical websites that could occur trickery. This stands around earning convinced data that is accurate and delivered by a professional.

Marketing Mix:

The marketing mix retains numerous prototypes to pursue, the ample prominent existing the 4Ps.

Media Kit:

It is a procession of reserves for promoting a product, this is generally provided to companion marketers to assist advertising.

Meta Data:

This means information that is grabbed through to Google Search Engine Findings.

Meta Title:

The meta title prevails the gloomy yoke that is grabbed through onto the Google SERP.

Meta Description:

Less SEO exists positioned on this, but this stands on the brief section below the title on the Google Search Findings page.

Meta Search Engine:

A search engine that produces outcomes from numerous search engines.


Digital Marketers retain their metrics to track and monitor to formulate convinced their endeavor prevails on the circuit.


Websites should illustrate and operate adequately on mobile appliances. Elements should prevail developed for the relief of usage.

Mobile-First Indexing:

Google wriggles websites. They utilized to crawl desktop interpretations of websites initially but with mobile appliances standing utilized so vastly.


A Google remodels, Mobilegeddon stood contemplated on mobile equipment and mobile-friendly aspects.


A location supervisor or mediator supervises user-generated volume on websites.


Rand Fishkin’s Moz survives a reasonable reference for SEO evidence and similarly an SEO web equipment utilized by SEO specialists.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms




NAP continues for the name, address, and phone number. Sometimes similarly pertained to as NAPW with a website address encompassed.

NAP Consistency:

The impression that our reference information requires to be compatible across the internet.

Navigational Search:

This search is stoners beginning to discover a specific web page they already recognize.

Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords can be provided to NOT propose these keywords.


It is appropriate for behavior online.

Nofollow Links:

These connections are conveyed in HTML as rel=”nofollow” and contrary that the connection should not obtain any connection.


Positioning a no-index inscription in the robots. Text of a web page will prevent search engines from categorizing the web page in the findings page.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms



Off-page SEO:

SEO aspects that occur on the web page’s comfortable itself but are on superficial websites and components.

On-Page SEO:

The optimism of the subject on the website.

Open Graph:

Facebook’s API that lets’ 3rd reception website practice Facebook’s characteristics.

Open Rate:

In email marketing, the available ratio exists how numerous available an email brings in comparison to various emails.

Open Source:

This pertains to software that has prevailed established by a society, and accessible to all.


Organic pertains to web business surges of beginners reaching from search engine findings pages.

Orphan Pages:

Pages that prevail not internally correlated or barely accessible by indexing in the connection.

Over Optimization:

It takes position when similarly SEO possesses been performed to the degree of retaining a pessimistic influence.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms



Page Authority:

This stands a website rhythmic that is carried into summary when instructing if a connection occurs expected from that website.


A hierarchy of 1-10 that prevails to index a website’s permission. Its most important from SEO Glossary and Marketing terms.


An audio volume explosion that can navigate the additional business to a website.

Paid Links:

Backlinks that retain stood spent for. This exists against Google’s webmaster approaches and also an SEO trick.

Page Views:

Analytics catalogs page impressions as the number of pages one stoner remembers attended on a regular period on the website.

SEO Glossary and Marketing terms

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