Top 10 channels in Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing is at a great bloom. The Channels of digital marketing provide the best chance for the business to compete and attract targeted traffic and grow.

Digital marketing encircles all the marketing efforts which use electronic devices and the internet. Business advantages of digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and approaching customers.

Though Digital Marketing is a very evolving and vast field, the main channels come under the realm of digital marketing are:

Podcasts Marketing

podcast by sayudur


Podcasts are great for business content digital marketing strategy. Businesses nowadays allocate podcasts to improve their prospects. It can enhance the authority, generate inbound links, bring traffic to the website, and generate leads and sales. While most of the podcast listeners use smartphone apps to access business, it’s best practice to host our individual episodes together to all show drafts which are search-engine-optimized.


  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)


Social Media Marketing by sayudur SMM is very effective to reach the target audience and make one to one engagement in digital marketing. The most common parts of SMM are Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We should also consider how we plan to make engagement and response to a consistent part of our social media marketing. The plan to reach out to fans and followers and start a conversation, responding to questions and concerns posted to our page, plan to use contests to engage our audience, all of this should be somewhere in our social media strategy.


SEM (Search engine marketing)

Search engine marketing by sayudur


SEM goes for paid search ads to get more web traffic. It means Pay-Per-Click. Another method of SEM in digital marketing is to increase the visibility of the website by paid advertisement. In the land of digital marketing, people confuse SEO and SEM. They are closely related and both are under the umbrella of marketing, they are two very different concepts. But both are fundamental to a business’s marketing strategy today.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search engine optimization by sayudur

SEO is a process that allows us to know how the website recorded in top search results. It is an organic or unpaid way of improving our website’s ranking in various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. “SEO today is about making the right choices based on tons of accurate SEO data, the latest Google trends, and common sense. Simple but not easy”!

Said by, Aleh Barysevich / Founder & CMO, Link-Assistant.


Email Marketing


Email marketing by sayudur

Email Marketing is the act of sending commercial messages in bulk to the targeted audience. To send periodic email campaigns, newsletters, etc. to engage customers by notifying them about recent products and services along with new announcements, deals, discounts, and offers is known as email marketing. Email marketing is such a practice of sending various types of content to subscribers via email. This content can generally serve as generating website traffic, leads, and even product signups. It is very important that an email campaign’s recipients receive this content, and each newsletter offers value.


Mobile Marketing


mobile marketing by sayudur


Mobile Marketing is the best way to update and the awareness of anything that has become a major part of all scale business. Being a mobile marketer, we must provide our instant updates, offers, and information as per customers’ interests through website responsiveness and mobile apps. Mobile apps consider businesses including ads on specific mobile application designs. Facebook is a very excellent example of ads.


  • Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is commission-based marketing. In digital marketing, the effectiveness of Affiliate is increasing the business thoughts. It only needs to pay out when appropriate action is taken. Affiliate marketing is such a process of earning commissions by promoting another company’s service and earning a piece of this profit for every sale that is made.

In this article, we look at a step-by-step method on how to become affiliate marketers. This will provide a platform.


1. Choose a Slot

2. Research Programs

3. Build a Platform

4. Create and Publish excellent Content

5. Create an Ad Account

No matter what the matter is, the steps of the article help make the path of an affiliate marketer much easier in the long run.

Content Marketing


Content marketing by sayudur Content is the most important element of digital marketing campaigns. It should be relevant, high quality, and compelling to persuade the customers.

Components of content marketing:

Blog posts





Workbooks and templates

White papers and reports

Slide decks

Case studies

Demos etc.


Facebook Commerce

Facebook Commerce by sayudur In digital marketing, the biggest e-commerce use of Facebook is to drive traffic back to websites through ads, and by posting new products on Facebook. In its initial experiments, companies displayed their products on their pages where customers check and pay without leaving websites. F-commerce developed rapidly and an extremely effective vehicle for selling products and services.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing by sayudur


YouTube Marketing is one of the best exercises for promoting businesses and products on YouTube’s platform. Many more companies are now including YouTube as part of their digital marketing strategies because this platform is growing insanely very fast.

YouTube is not only essential for businesses but also especially for marketing teams.

In this article, you’ll find 7 proven tactics for your YouTube channel:


  1. Make Compelling Titles
  2. Create Perfect YouTube Thumbnails
  3. Limit Videos to Under 5 Minutes
  4. Brand Your YouTube Channel
  5. Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
  6. Share Videos via Social Media
  7. Work With Other YouTubers


Definitely, the new world of digital marketing of the empowered consumer can be aggressive, but like many things of life, it is all about overview. Every moment we consider buyers on social media for products. If we use communication to our advantage to being responsive through social media and by anticipating buyer attitudes through market reality, we can be the answer to the detached corporations that buyers know.

This is the paramount change that directly impacted people and businesses of digital innovation. The implication of changes as important as just revolution began. The change resulted in a need for a new breed of experts. Most of the people who recognize the power of digital works are implementing marketing strategies centered on the customer.

Sayudur Rahman
Digital Marketer and Consultant