The Rise of E-commerce in Bangladesh by using Digital Channels

The Rise of E-commerce in Bangladesh by using Digital Channels

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A rider carrying a FoodPanda rucksack on his back and delivering food and groceries from one house to another has been a common scene in Dhaka during COVID19. This is a visible outcome of E-commerce that has been successful in Bangladesh to connect buyers and sellers. They use different digital channels to buy and sell their products and services.

Consumers benefit from the e-commerce system because they don’t go shopping physically, they just use the internet for making orders and getting services. On the other hand, sellers are able to sell their products quickly and become engaged with potential clients through video and audio content.

Foodpanda, Uber, Pathao, Daraz Bdshop, Dailystar, bKash, etc are a few good examples of how the ecommerce sector is becoming popular in Bangladesh by means of providing high quality service. All of them are running their business online and contributing a great service during the critical days of Covid-19 infections.

In Bangladesh, e-commerce is booming because of digital channels like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Social media or digital channels are a cost-effective and powerful tool for connecting with a large number of potential clients all around the world.

According to Mostafa Jabbar, the Post and Telecom Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the subscriber base of Facebook is over three crore in Bangladesh in 2019.

A report published in the Dhaka Tribune also indicates how the e-commerce sector, particularly food delivery services has now become a part of our life. An estimated 25000 orders are delivered every day. About 3500 people are employed by the companies.

In this article, we’ll explain how Bangladesh’s e-commerce business is flourishing. Thanks to the use of various social media platforms and digital channels.


Many brands have used social media to improve their market position by growing the number of subscribers and followers they have and forging closer bonds with them.

Uber is one of them. It’s mainly a ride-sharing service via motorbikes and cars. It has an app that also includes social media. By using the app anyone can hire a car and reach his desired destination.

In Bangladesh, public transport is cheap but not comfortable and convenient. On the other hand, Uber provides premium car service and bikes to beat the traffic of Dhaka. During the long pandemic situation, local transport service was off. In those days, Uber has accomplished something remarkable by using social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Uber reaches its clients by providing emergency services.


Pathao is an e-commerce platform that provides mainly ride-sharing and food delivery services. However, the image below shows the wide array of services of Pathao.

It is one of the largest platforms in Bangladesh. In Facebook, Instagram, YouTube you can see their advertisements. People currently utilize their offers like Eid or any other festival related discounts or Buy 1 Get 1 free on certain products significantly.

Digital Marketer in Bangladesh Through their Facebook and Instagram page, they run these kinds of campaigns effectively. In between YouTube videos they show the advertisements. It helps in the growth of their company. Pathao caters to the common requirements of people by utilizing social media networks.


Foodpanda uses many social sites for its advertisement. It maintains a Facebook page for communication and updates. In their app you can browse through tons of products and see the details.

Also, the organization has lots of followers on Twitter. When people are watching shows on YouTube or scrolling Facebook or Instagram, Foodpanda shows their service advertised with a delicious food picture. These eye-catching pictures attract people’s attention.

In this digital era, people are accustomed to using online services. It saves their time and money. These e-commerce businesses provide a huge discount to attract customer’s attention.


Daraz is thought to be the most popular e-commerce platform in South Asia (excluding India). E-commerce, shipping, payment infrastructure, and financial services are the four main sectors of their operation. They offer an end-to-end solution to their merchants and customers.

They use their app, several social sites for reaching out to their target audience. During the recent lockdowns on account of Covid-19 pandemic, people didn’t go outside for shopping. They have used Daraz to buy products instead.


Bdshop is another e-commerce platform. It provides mostly electronics products. However in the beginning this e-commerce site was not a well-known company for some years.

But nowadays, by using social platforms like the Facebook page, group, Twitter, etc this site is booming. They show their advertisements of their products and services on their Facebook page and YouTube channels. It has helped them for a very rapid growth of their business.


bKash is the easiest and safest e-commerce way to carry out money transactions. With services like Add Money, Send Money, Mobile Recharge, Pay Bill, and Payment, bKash has made your life easier. The image shows different services of bKash.

They recently struck deals with several universities, clothing retailers, and hospitals, allowing its consumers to pay with bKash via the internet.

Furthermore, it has developed the ‘Buy Airtime’ service, which allows bKash wallet users to top up mobile balances of Robi, Banglalink, and Airtel lines without incurring any additional fees. As a result, bKash is pursuing “Product Development Strategies” to provide new types of services to the present market.


Dailystar is a famous e-paper that contains important national and international news, sports news, entertainment news, and many other interesting categories. Like other e-commerce sites, Dailystar has also a Facebook and Twitter page. It gains popularity by updating all news on these digital channels. People are easily getting news and entertainment.

These companies face challenges while planning social media advertising and campaigns. There is a lack of efficient digital marketers who will come up with effective strategies for marketing in Bangladesh.

However, during the lockdowns, people relied on online shopping to a great extent.

Foodpanda, Uber, Pathao with their flexible work hours and amazing delivery services deliver food and other essentials at consumer’s doorstep by following all the safety standards. On the other hand, Bdshop, Daraz, and many other online business platforms are expanding by using social platforms.