Sayudur Rahman

Best Digital Marketer in Bangladesh 2023


It’s my pleasure to apprize myself with you. It’s Sayudur Rahman. Now I am a successful digital marketer strategist and a mentor professionally. Once which was a dream only. it was not a happy journey. I had to give a lot of effort to become today’s Sayudur Rahman.

I am not from an opulent family, so the situation was hostile for me. Still when I was in college I was totally unconscious about IT knowledge .I have introduced with computer for the first time at my University lab.

It was so amazing that I had spent most of the time in computer lab. After completing my graduation I had shifted to abroad which was an intermission in my career. My days at abroad were very pathetic as I was not habituated with hard and fast rules. There I have realized for the first time actually what do I want to be.

I have started my freelancing journey again. After coming back I have completed several courses related to IT and digital marketing both in online and offline. I didn’t waste a single moment after ascertaining my aim. I think I have wasted huge valuable time to realise my vision.So, one should ascertain one’s vision at first then assiduous for mission. Whatever the career of a digital marketer depends on how much he or she is updated. So, I try to learn something new everyday and here my students assist me. When I teach them I also learn from them. Sayudur Rahman.

I want to do something for autistics and women. The strengths of women is out of imagination. An ordinary homemaker can be extraordinary and also a support for you. The only thing they need is your inspiration and support. I also provide free consultancy for educational institutions because I think students should be conscious about their career from their early life. Then they will be veteran and can compete with the moving world.


I have I have wasted use valuable time to realise my vision so when should I shot him once bhishan at first then as a service formation whatever the career of a digital marketer is depends on how much she or he is updated so I type 2 to learn something new everyday and near my strength collaborate assist me when I teach them I also learn from them I want to do something for student and women.

Sayudur Rahman

Sayudur Rahman