Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing. Do you want to promote your just-started small business online? Then you are on the right track. But, don’t delay anymore to learn about Digital Marketing for this. You have to learn about Digital Marketing because it includes all the techniques from searching to promoting on social media or email marketing.

Your investment in digital marketing will be worthwhile because upholding your product and service online has many benefits. Above all, Bangladesh has been going through a tech revolution. The total number of internet subscribers in Bangladesh has reached 93.102 million. (March, 2019) The demand for tech related subjects like web design, web development and digital marketing is fast increasing too.

Easy internet access has created entrepreneurs, who are working on different innovative projects. On the other hand, Oxford Internet Institute has ranked Bangladesh as the second most favorite country for freelancing. Because of all these massive changes in the country, the demand for skilled workers at present is high. Many training institutions are coming forward with the initiative to empower the youth to work online.

Whether you are running your own business or working as a freelancer, doing a course on Digital Marketing course will keep you one step ahead from the rest. Surely, before starting a course you need to know about the following benefits you will get after the completion of the course on Digital Marketing. Sayudur Rahman the trainer of Digital Marketing course in Coders Trust has pointed out these key advantages of learning about Digital Marketing in recent times.

12 methods for business in Digital Marketing are:

Saving money and time 

1. Saving money and time: Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Previously, a person starting business would need an agency to market his product. But now literally anyone can start his business with knowledge of internet. Just click a photo of your product and share it with your clients. Additionally, Digital marketing is affordable.

In the context of Bangladesh there are a large number of entrepreneurs who lack funding but with digital marketing they can save money and reach a wide audience in a short period of time. The most popular one at present is social media marketing. Digital marketing has significantly reduced dependency on advertising in print media, TV and radio, etc.

2. Accessibility: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing


Even a few years ago, only business establishments had their own websites. But with the rise of Digital Marketing they need to create more digital platforms from where the clients can learn about their business. It makes their business more accessible. In Bangladesh E-learning is becoming very popular. There was a time when people believed that the subject called Computer Science and Technology only meant learning about programming. However the trend has changed.

Now subjects like web design, web development, Digital marketing, Social Media Marketing have gaining popularity. Coders Trust a leading IT institution is running course both online and offline. Those who prefer to do online courses can study from home. Moreover, by opening their online channels they can reach students who are outside Dhaka. Their total number of students in Digital Marketing is around ???? 50k. After doing this course they are working in many companies or have become freelancers.

3. Facebook dominating the marketplace: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Facebook dominating the marketplace A recent report published in the Daily Prothom Alo has highlighted a survey conducted by an organization named ORG Quest Limited has collected opinions of 1200 young boys and girls aged between 15 and 30. This time 93% of the young boys and girls who took part in the survey have expressed their opinions that they, on average, are spending 46 minutes a day on Facebook. This shows the power of social media.

4. The freedom to reach global audience: |Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Effective use of social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter can generate traffic that you cannot even imagine. Digital Marketing will tell you how to grab their attention with compelling content. You will not only serve in Bangladesh but also have to deal with global clients as well.

5. Increases interaction with clients: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Increases interaction with clients


Clients get knowledge about your product and service through website or social media pages. You can directly respond to their queries and remarks. This action makes them feel valued as customers. Through interacting with each other, you can generate leads about their preferences. You can win their trust. This establishes your authority as a brand.

Use of multimedia

6. Use of multimedia: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing


At present audiences interact with the content you have created differently. It is important to combine photo, video and audio to engage audience. Info graphs also make content interesting. People are making Live video with both YouTube and Facebook to sell their products or for tutorial classes. Ayman Sadik’s 10 Minutes School is a successful example in this regard. This school is running their classes both on YouTube, Facebook and other media as well.

7. Immediate track responses: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Google Analytics has made it super easy to track even a small change in your site. You can always track the clients activities before purchasing your product or service. Based on this data you can easily improve your marketing strategy and figure out the most effective techniques. You can also get information regarding visitor conversion code.

8. Know your competitors: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Know your competitors In analogue marketing, you don’t have any idea about what your competitors are up to. However, in digital marketing you can monitor your competitors very closely. Knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses can improve your quality of work.

9. Building targeted traffic: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Building targeted traffic

The more you can target your audience the more will be your revenue. In Facebook as well as in other media, you can run targeted ad campaigns. You can narrow down your audience based on gender and their interests. Moreover, paid search, display advertising are great ways to target your audience. If you like you can also go for guest blogging. For more tips and techniques like these you can do a course on Digital Marketing.

10. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the key to digital marketing: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Many of the ads that you see everyday are based on the searches that you have made. With careful market research and digital marketing strategy together with strong SEO will bring your site higher in ranking than others. Leads can be generated through keywords by which the clients search the web.

11. Customization: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Different social media channels have given people the opportunity to customize their experiences. The constant interactions with the audience also help them get what they want according to their taste. This opportunity was missing in analogue marketing.

12. Engaging the influencer: | Doing Business in the era of Digital Marketing

Engaging the influencer From the most influential leaders to actors all have their accounts and pages on different social media channels. You can ask them to endorse you. This act will get you more followers and create brand awareness.

As you can see creating brand loyalty through using Digital Marketing Strategies is a smart move in this interconnected marketplace. It is amazing how Digital Marketing is making the interchange of products and services just a matter of clicks. Without Digital Marketing you will face numerous challenges.

Digital Marketing is the solution to many of the hurdles that you will face in your journey as an entrepreneur. Digital Marketing is not only fast but also cost effective. It is absolutely customer-oriented and practical. If you want to brand Bangladesh worldwide you have to do it with Digital Marketing.

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