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A common Question ‘ Who is the best Digital Marketer in Bangladesh ?

Best Digital marketer in Bangladesh is Sayudur Rahman . Lots of Clients , students and digital marketing expert along with Bangladesh govenment certified sayudur rahman as the best digital marketer in bangladesh and SEO expert as well.

Best Digital Marketer in Bangladesh 2023

which is a buzzword right now as well ! Especially in this pandemic situation it’s a hot topic. Most of us thought that,earning in online is very easy. Just learn and earn. But I slate it; if you are talking about digital marketing then you are in wrong place.To be a successful digital marketer and earner of any marketplace, it’s all about your patient, practice and thirst for knowledge.

Enough chit-chat, now come into the main point.

Actually what is Digital Marketing?Digital Marketer in Bangladesh

Digital marketing means marketing in online. Most of the peoples are familiar with the term marketing as well as analogue marketing.

When any company brands their products and services through any offline

channels like bill board, television, newspaper etc. then it is called analogue marketing.

But in the 21st century we are acquainted with internet and allot most of our time in social

media or online communication. So, in this era, for apprising products and services to

customers, the best way is online channels. That’s why a term of marketing had come and

it’s Digital Marketing. So, when someone use digital channels like Social media, Email, Website etc. for marketing

products and services through any digital devices then it is called digital marketing.

best digital marketer in bangladesh answer of this question are following

Why digital marketing is obligatory at the current time?

Let’s say an example,

  • You may have a shop in a renowned shopping mall and you are a diligent businessman, you are advertising your products and services through the bill boards, even sometime your products and services covered a full page of newspaper. Now just think how many people may know about your shop. May be most of the peoples who visit that shopping mall and read newspaper regularly. But how many of them have idea about your products and services as you can’t explain about all products in front of a customer or advertisement.Now, let’s say, someone may have an online shop as well as eCommerce website. In his website, he displayed all of his availableproduct and service details. He is also advertising his products through digital channels like social media and email. Now think howmany people may know about his shop. The people from all around the world; who visit his website, who see his advertisement insocial media and to whom he sent mail about his products and services. Like Amazon; I’m sure, in internet world, there is nobody,but knows about Amazon. I think this example is enough to realize the importance of digital marketing and the wonder of digital marketer.

I want to add something more,

  • In current world, the job seekers or job holders of any dynamic company must have knowledge about digital marketing. Today or tomorrow it will be the obligatory requirement. Otherwise you will sink under the veteran. Moreover, who already decided to earn on online, you are most welcome. Yes! To be a digital marketer is an excellent option for making money online. But I have to recall something that I said at the beginning of this article, “To be a successful digital marketer or earner of any online market place, it is all about your patient, practice and thirst for knowledge”. So, dear would be digital marketer, let’s know something about digital marketing at a glance


  • The segments of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a diversified field. Top 8 Popular Digital marketing channels.

  1. Social Media Marketing ( Its divided into four segment)

  2. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Content Marketing

  5. YouTube Marketing

  6. Paid search advertising

  7. Podcast Marketing.

  8. Mobile Marketing

To tell the truth, the explanation of segments of digital marketing is too enormous. I’m explaining in short to understand the basic.

1. Social media marketing | Digital Marketer in Bangladesh


Social media marketing

You may understand by name; what social media marketing is! If you are thinking, social media marketing is the marketing through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and then you are right. So, we can define social media marketing as, a way of marketing where social media is utilized for branding, promoting, advertising of any products and services.

Social media can be categorized into seven segments:

Social networking sites: 

  • The sites which enable us to be connected with our friends, family, officials, and clients etc. and also allow us to share and care our feelings, needs with each other in a community.
  • Example of social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • In sense of marketing, social networking sites can help us to build a strong network and to reach the target audience and so on.

Let’s know about some popular Social networking sites at a glance.

  • Facebook: Most of us think that Facebook is a media of time pass. We spend our valuable time on Facebook by scrolling, chatting, watching videos and posting our activities. But you will be astonished after realizing the marketing opportunities in Facebook. You can start your business just by creating a perfect Facebook page or by maintaining a group properly. You can target audience and promote your product by Facebook Ads tools. Facebook business manager, a tool of Facebook that will manages and organizes an entire business. Facebook is like a sea of resources. So, it’s not possible to explain all features of Facebook at once. You have to research, study more and more to quench your thirst of knowledge.
  • Twitter: Twitter, a micro blogging social media network where traders promote their products and services by publishing contents within 160 characters.


  • Social review sites
  • We know, Internet make our life easy. Nowadays, before doing something like buying, travelling even before getting married (Joshing) at first we check in internet if there is any positive or negative reviews. Yeah dear friends! The sites that help us by providing reviews about any places, goods, vehicles, devices are known as Social review sites.
  • Some examples are Google my business, Amazon, Yelp etc.
  • In sense of marketing,social review sites will help to understand customer’s desire and to emend misstep


  • Image sharing sites
  • Sites that allow users to share photo.
  • Example: Instagram, Imgur, Flickr etc.
  • In sense of marketing,Image sharing sites may help to share photo of products, campaign, workshop etc.


  • Video hosting sites
  • The sites where user can share videos.
  • The best example is YouTube.
  • It is a market place itself. People can promote products and services, share feelings and skills, and also earn money.


  • Community blogs
  • A reliable space for authors to share their intellectual properties and a comfort zone for bookish.
  • Example: Tumbler, Blokube etc.
  • In sense of marketing, Community blogs help to raise voice altogether and to promote products and services.


  • Discussion sites
  • Discussion sites are the sites where people can discuss about anything. They can ask, answer the questions or can suggest.
  • Example: Qoura, Reddit
  • In sense of marketing, Asdiscussion sites is community traffic can be established, Can get idea for content writing and different skills.


  • Sharing economy networks
  • Sharing economy networks is the sites for sharing products and services over internet.
  • Example: AirBnB

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Digital Marketer in Bangladesh



Say, you want to start an eCommerce business that’s why you made a website. But There is a huge eCommerce website even in our country. So how is it possible to make your website reachable by customers? I mean, How do they find you at the first search page of any search engine result? Yes, it’s by dint of SEO. Search Engine Optimization in short SEO, is such a methodology to rank your website in any search engine by utilizing some keywords. Let’s break SEO into four (4) parts:

  1. On Page SEO

  2. Off page SEO

  3. Technical SEO

  4. Local SEO

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing

  • Email marketing is the utilization of email to reach customers for informing about products and services, updates, offers and mostly to build a good interaction.
  • Generally marketers target congenial audiences and try to interact with them through email.

4. Content Marketing: Digital Marketer in Bangladesh


Why are you spending time in my website? To know information about Digital marketer in Bangladesh. So, I’m providing information about digital marketer in Bangladesh through this content. Like that, in internet there is huge content which includes a lot of information.

The utilization of content for promoting, advertising, detailing of products and services and pulling customers attention is called content marketing. And also, providing informative content for the purpose of engaging traffic in a website is also content marketing.

5. YouTube marketing | Digital Marketer in Bangladesh


YouTube, the second largest search engine. It’s a reliable platform for both sharer and viewer. YouTuber upload their video content abiding by the rules of YouTube and start earning after monetizing their channels. YouTube also facilitates engaging traffic to websites by providing link.

6. Paid Search Advertising | Digital Marketer in Bangladesh

Marketing can be break down into two parts; Organic and Paid. Organic marketing means natural or unpaid way of marketing. And paid marketing is the paid way of marketing. If we pay to any search engine to advertise or rank any products and services, websites etc. and then they allow to show our advertise or rank our websites on their Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) then it’s called Paid Search Advertising.

7. Podcast Marketing

Pod cast

From the aforementioned we have come to know various types of marketing strategy. But nowadays, another buzzword in marketing world is Podcast marketing. See, you may reach to your targeted customers through voice rather than articles. As, many people are not good reader but good audience. So, when visitors visit your website they will listen about your products and services with interest, which is Podcast marketing. So, Podcast marketing can be defined as, the marketing through online audio file.

8. Mobile Marketing | Digital Marketer in Bangladesh.

mobile marketing


We know the number of mobile user is higher than any other gadget user. Even in rural area of our country, most of the people specially young generation have smart phone. So, the best way to reach the customer all around the world is mobile marketing. The product promotion that conduct to retain mobile users through different mobile stuffs like email, responsive website, Mobile Apps, SMS etc. is called Mobile marketing.


Eventally, Digital Marketer in Bangladesh is increasing day by day for the prolongation of using technology and using internet for business purpose.


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